Massage therapy is a very popular choice at Essex Spa Parties . Our 15,30 &60 minutes timings are flexible so clients to choose massage therapy as one long luxury treatment or as 15 minutes of relaxation to be combined with another therapy.

Full Body/Back Neck & Shoulder Massage - 60/30 Minutes 
Our full body massage treatment is ideal for relieving stress and tension. A massage for your whole body often starting with your legs and feet and includes back, neck & shoulder, arms & hands. There are lots of different ways to approach a full body massage, if you have any specific areas of tension then let the therapist know so these can be worked on during your treatment. 30 minute back massage treatments are also available 

Full Body/Back Neck & Shoulder Pregnancy Massage - 60/30 Minutes 
.A top to toe massage including arms and legs designed to relieve stress and promote a sense of well-being, using a grapeseed  or sweet almond oil which is great for stretch marks. Mum lays on side with bump supported with a specially designed pregnancy sleep pillow.

Indian Head Massage - 30 Minutes
 This therapy that uses specific massage techniques on the head including the scalp, face and ears. Also incorporated in the treatment are the neck, shoulders, upper back and upper arms.Relaxes the mind and relieves tension headaches, improves circulation, energy and congestion using oriental techniques. . Indian head massage is generally performed in a seated position but can performed lying down on the couch 

Thai Foot Massage - 30 minutes 
Thai Foot Massage produces a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.Stimulation of reflex points will be carried out using a traditonal Thai Foot Massage Stick

Hand & Arm Massage - 15 Minutes
Soothing  hand and arm massage with oil

Leg & Foot Massage - 15 Minutes
Soothing leg and foot massage with oil and finished with
revitalizing foot spray

Scalp Massage - 15 Minutes 
Soothing scalp massage with  or without oil